Surmang Shedra

The shedra—monastic college—at Surmang Dutsi Til monastery in eastern Tibet has been launched and now needs ongoing support. The Surmang Shedra is a magnificent 25,000 square foot facility that promises educational opportunities for monks and nuns in the Surmang valley.

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Surmang Nunneries

A new Surmang Nunnery is up and running at Kyelaka near Tsokyendo village. There is also an existing nunnery—managed by the nephew of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche—which we support with a modest annual contribution. Last year we raised significant funds to expand its facilities.

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Support for Trungpa XII & Retreatants

For many years, Konchok Foundation has provided support for the living expenses of the Twelfth Trungpa and for monks on long-term retreat at one of Surmang’s retreat centers.

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Children’s Education Program

Since 2008, the Konchok Foundation has sponsored a Children’s Education Program at Surmang, which serves more than two hundred local children, girls and boys, during peak periods.

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