Note: This letter regarding the Surmang shedra, written in Tibetan and signed by Chokyi Senge Trungpa XII Rinpoche, Aten (Chetsang) Rinpoche, and Surmang Khenpo, was translated by Gerry Wiener. To the Lord of Refuge Sakyong Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, the entire Shambhala community possessing unchanging authentic faith, and all other altruistic

A key goal: finish the shedra classrooms by fall 2010. The first use of the classrooms at the Surmang shedra will occur this fall—if we can provide sufficient financial support for their completion. The Surmang Khenpo, who is directing the shedra rebuilding, is now in Tibet, purchasing materials and making

Surmang shedra. The 2009 construction season at the shedra complex drew to a close in October. Approximately fifteen construction workers were present at the shedra this past summer. Among the tasks accomplished were the waterproofing of the shedra roof, laying of the stone flooring in the residential areas, work on

SHAMBHALA TRIATHLONS TO SUPPORT SURMANG 2009 construction plans. Now that the basic structural work on the Surmang shedra (school) has been completed and the building complex is closed in, the focus turns to the large amount of systems and finishing work that is needed. Among the elements needed are electrical

Thank you to the many donors who have continued to support the Surmang shedra and the other activities of the Konchok Foundation, even during these difficult economic times. Your contributions make these efforts possible. Tibet. Many events took place this year affecting Tibet, including the Beijing Olympics and demonstrations in