Surmang shedra. The busiest time of year for the shedra educational program for children takes place from November to February. More than 250 children attended during that period last year and a similar number are expected this year. There are three categories of children. Most numerous are the lay children,


The main focus of Konchok Foundation’s work in 2011 was support of the educational program for children at the Surmang shedra. At present there are nearly three hundred children, both lay children and apprentice monks, studying at four sites in the Surmang valley, including at the shedra itself. All of

Shedra children’s program. There are now about forty young monks studying at the shedra, most of whom are also living there. Additionally, there are about 150 local lay children, girls and boys, who are currently participating in the children’s educational program operated by the shedra at two off-site locations. The

The Year of the Tiger has been true to its name in the Surmang Valley and the whole region that surrounds it. The area was hit by a devastating earthquake almost as soon as the year began. That evoked a tremendous outpouring of concern, practice and financial aid for this

By Lyndon Comstock Having recently returned from Surmang Dutsi Til, I’d like to give you a brief first-hand report. The photographs and videos that accompany this report were taken by Jon Ransohoff, who went with me. Also included below are comments about the shedra by Karma Senge Rinpoche and Surmang

Dear friend, THIS is an amazing photo. It was taken on the first day of school at the Surmang Shedra, just five months after this year’s earthquake that devastated so much of the area. This is what the long years of rebuilding the shedra have been all about. Not only