Current Projects

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  • Surmang Shedra

    Capping a decade-long effort, despite delays, plans are still underway to complete and launch the shedra—monastic college—at Surmang Dutsi Til monastery in eastern Tibet. The Surmang Shedra is a magnificent 25,000 square foot facility that promises educational opportunities for monks and nuns in the Surmang valley.

  • Surmang Nunnery

    A new Surmang Nunnery is being constructed near Tsokyendo village. There is also an existing nunnery—managed by the nephew of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche—which we support with a modest annual contribution. Last year we raised significant funds to expand its facilities.

Rainbow over Surmang Valley as New Nunnery Site Consecrated

On June 14th, two days after Lady Könchok Palden entered samadhi, a magnificent rainbow appeared in the sky over the site of a new Dutsi Til nunnery now being constructed in the Surmang Valley. The rainbow came forth during the consecration of the new site near Tsokyendo village. The nunnery will be under the umbrella of Dutsi Til, the monastic complex where the Vidyadhara …