Current Projects

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  • Surmang Shedra

    Capping a decade-long effort, plans are now underway to complete and launch the shedra—monastic college—over the coming summer and fall at Surmang Dutsi Til monastery in eastern Tibet.

  • Children’s Education Program

    Since 2008, the Konchok Foundation has sponsored a Children’s Education Program at Surmang, which serves more than two hundred local children, girls and boys, during peak periods.

Children’s program to start this month

The Children’s educational program at Surmang is starting its winter 2016-2017 program this month. Last year more than 150 children participated; a similar number is expected this year. Donors to the Konchok Foundation provide all of the support necessary for this program, including food for the children and teachers, teacher stipends, and books and materials.
Up to this point, the shedra …